ICLM: Discover, teach, treatI.C. Learning & Memory

Biology Learning Memory course

This course covers molecular, cellular, circuit, systems, neuroanatomy, theory, models and cognitive approaches to learning and memory. The cross disciplinary focus on learning and memory in this course is intended to present an integrative view of the subject that emphasizes emerging findings that take advantage of novel groundbreaking experimental models. Although this course is primarily for graduate students, advanced undergraduates may also register.

The two special events organized in connection with this course (The ICLM Lecture and the Southern California Learning and Memory Symposium) are intended to expose graduate students to emerging concepts and leading figures in the field of learning and memory.

The ICLM Distinguished Lecture
It is given each year by a leading figure in the field. This lecture is not a "latest-research-findings-lecture", but an in depth discussion on the scientific process illustrated by the major findings of leading figures in the field of learning and memory. Past lecturers include Richard F. Thompson (2002), Edvard Moser (2003), Gary Lynch (2004), Stephen Lisberger (2005), Terrence Sejnowski (2008), Dr. Larry Squire (2009), Thomas Carew (2010), Greg Quirk (2011), Mark Mayford (2012), Roberto Malinow (2013), Leslie Ungerlider (2014), Susumu Tonegawa (2015),
Mayank Mehta (2016). Kaye Tye (2017), Gyorgy Buzsaki (2018). The 2019 ICLM Distinguished Lectures will be given by Sheena Josselyn on April 30th 2019 and by Richard Huganir on May 14th 2019.

The Southern California Learning and Memory (SCLM) Symposium
It is a great opportunity for students and post-docs to be exposed to some of the leading figures of this exciting field. Both the ICLM Distinguished Lecture and the Symposium are usually an integral part of the course, and students in the course should register and are expected to attend these events and incorporate information learned into the written exams (see below). The programs for past meetings are available the
SCLM site.

This course is being offered by multiple programs
These include the Departments of Neurobiology (M200G), the Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program (M220), the Molecular, Cellular & Integrative Physiology (M200G), and by the Department of Psychology (M208).