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The midterm
The students will choose between writing either a review or a grant proposal

The review and grant should not be more than 5 pages (single spaced not including references). Either manuscript should stress novel and creative ideas about the material presented in class. The review should not be a simple rewrite of published reviews. It should instead expand on a new insight or perspective in one of the themes presented in class.

The grant proposal should focus on the next step of one of the subjects presented in class. It should include a summary with an outline of specific aims of the experiments proposed, an introduction with the background for the experimental plan, and a section with a summary of the experiments proposed (they should be feasible experiments based on published methods).

Here is a general guideline for the grant proposal:
1/2 page for an abstract with clearly outlined specific aims (may no be advisable to have more than 3 aims).
1 page introduction where you tell the reader why the topic is interesting and important and why the previous work leads to the questions posed in the proposal.
3 pages description of the experiments proposed, including specific hypothesis tested by each key experiment and possible alternative interpretations of the results.
1/2 page where you discuss possible problems with the proposed experiments and how you would get around them.

The final

There is a take home final exam


Will be posted here on June 3rd 2019