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ICLM Grant Review Program

Review Process
These mock grant reviews are anonymous (unless otherwise requested by the applicants and consented by the reviewers), and they follow an NIH-like format. However, the program reviews all types of grants, including NSF, NIH, Foundation grants, etc.

There are no submission deadlines. However, grant applications should be submitted ahead of their review by grant organizations, and with enough time for comments to be incorporated into the final application (at least 4 weeks before the submission deadline). The review process will take no longer than 3-weeks.

Fields Reviewed
To take advantage of this program, your application must be in the general area of learning and memory (broadly defined), and you must be a member of ICLM.

How To Apply For The Program
To initiate the review process, please send a PDF file of your application to alcinojsilva#gmail.com and ramirez.ericamarie#gmail.com. Please, also include in the email the name of the granting organization and the deadline for the application.

Reviewers Will Get Academic Credit For The Reviews
Grant reviewing takes a considerable amount of time. Faculty that participate in reviews (our thanks in advance!) will be able to include this activity in promotion materials as an ICLM committee activity (ICLM Grant Review Panel).